7 Motivational Gifts: Your Unique Power to Inspire

Have you ever come across the phrase “7 motivational gifts” and thought about what they were or how they were different from other talents? Take a look at this guide to learn more about these special gifts and maybe even find your own.

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 What Exactly Are Motivational Gifts?

Motivational gifts are a little like the spices in a delicious recipe. Alone, each has its flavor, but when combined, they bring out the best in a dish. These are innate abilities given to us, not just talents or skills. They’re deeply connected to our purpose, guiding how we interact with the world. But what makes them unique? We, find it from two greater aspects.

1. They’re spiritual: These are the kinds of presents that touch people deep down within, and they have a lot in common with the “motivating spiritual gifts” or “motivating gifts of the spirit” spoken of in the Bible and other religious scriptures.

2. Purpose-driven: Unlike mere talents that can be used casually, these gifts have a profound reason. They align with life’s missions, pushing us towards our destiny.

Delving Into The Seven Motivational Gifts

Ⅰ . Prophecy

The gift of prophecy isn’t about predicting the future. It’s an innate ability to understand and convey messages with profound clarity. Think of iconic figures like Martin Luther King Jr., whose vision changed the course of history. Nurturing this gift involves refining one’s understanding, often through meditation or spiritual guidance.

Ⅱ. Serving/Ministering

Have you ever met someone who just seems to light up the room, always eager to help? That’s the gift of serving. It’s not about grand gestures but genuine, heartfelt assistance. Volunteering at local shelters or just being there for a friend are simple ways to enhance this ability.

Ⅲ. Teaching

Teachers are the unsung heroes of our society. With the gift of teaching, individuals possess the capability to simplify complex concepts, making learning enjoyable. It’s more than just academic; it’s about enlightening others. Aspiring educators or those blessed with this gift should seek platforms where they can share knowledge.

Ⅳ. Exhortation

Ever needed that pep talk to get through a rough day? Those who have the gift of exhortation are the world’s cheerleaders, always ready with a motivating word. Joining support groups or leadership programs can be beneficial for honing this skill.

Ⅴ. Giving

In our materialistic world, the gift of giving stands out. It’s not about the amount but the heart behind the gift. Philanthropists like Bill Gates demonstrate this gift, but remember, even small acts count. Channeling this gift means understanding the needs around you and addressing them selflessly.

Ⅵ. Leading/Administration

Natural-born leaders, those with an uncanny ability to guide, are often blessed with the gift of leading. They’re not just bosses but mentors. To amplify this, one might consider leadership workshops or management courses.

 Ⅶ. Mercy

People who have the gift of kindness bring hope to a world that is often full of cynicism. They are the best examples of kindness, understanding, and comfort. This gift can grow by getting therapy or just being there to listen.

 How Do I Identify My Motivational Gift?

Self-awareness is the first step. Reflect on times when you felt most alive or fulfilled. Often, these moments align with our divine gifts. There are also various free spiritual gift tests available online to give you a nudge in the right direction.

The Symphony of Motivational Gifts

Think about a puzzle. Each piece is different and unique, and they all work together to make a beautiful picture. This is how things that inspire people work in a group. One student may be motivated by their teacher and go on to become a star. This connection, shown by inspiring gifts in the Bible, shows how well different gifts can work together.

Wrapping It Up

So, “What are the 7 motivational gifts?” They’re your unique powers, given by the universe, God, or however, you perceive a higher power. Embrace them, for they’re your tools to make the world a better place. Curious about diving deeper? Remember, it’s a journey, not a destination. Let your gifts guide the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are my spiritual gifts?

-A. Your spiritual gifts can be a combination of any of the seven motivational gifts or other gifts mentioned in religious texts. Self-reflection and spiritual gift tests can help pinpoint them.

2. How are motivational gifts different from talents?

Ans. While talents are skills often honed over time, motivational gifts are innate spiritual abilities driving us toward our life’s purpose.

3. Are the Romans 12 motivational gifts the same as the ones mentioned here?

Ans. Yes, many of these gifts find their roots in Romans 12 from the Bible, emphasizing their spiritual significance.

4. Can one have more than one motivational gift?

Ans.Absolutely! Just as one can have multiple talents, it’s possible to possess more than one motivational gift.

5. How can I nurture my motivational gifts from God?

Ans. Self-reflection, prayer, or meditation can all be helpful. Doing things that are related to your gift can also help it grow and improve.


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