Matt Morgan net worth(2024): A wrestler turns into Politician & Actor

Matthew Thomas Morgan is a US-based American politician, actor & retired wrestler who was awarded many accolades. As a multi-talent personality, Matt Morgan possesses much to honor. His success story is a trendy search across the world’s netizens. As of 2024, Matt Morgan’s net worth is $5M to $10 M.

Matt Morgan’s Net Worth

Mr. Morgan amassed his wealth from his basketball career during his freshman year at Monmouth University. Then, he showed a heavy powerful position in the WWE & Smackdown. Now, he is a full-time politician. His net worth is $5M to $10 M.

Personal Profile

Full nameMatthew Thomas Morgan
Date of birth10 September,1976
Place of birthFairfield, Connecticut
Name of SpouseLarissa Morgan
Net worth$5M to $10 M

The early life of Matt Morgan

Matthew Tomas Morgan was born on September 10, 1976, Fairfield in Connecticut. During high school, Morgan established himself as the brightest basketball athlete. In the Division 1 College Basketball match, Morgan successfully played for the side of Monmouth University at the center position.

Motrgan’s Monmouth University Career

While studying at Monmouth University, Morgan Matthew was the key player in defeating Rider University to become the Northeast Conference Champions. That winning helped to receive an automatic bid to the 1996 NCAA tournament.

After finishing the tournament, Morgan was transferred to Chaminade University in Hawaii. There he finished his basketball career & graduated in public speaking.

Morgan participated in the Indiana Pacers & Toronto-based national basketball competition.

Matt’s wrestling career

Matt Morgan’s wrestling career is very bright.

He started working in professional wrestling in the early 2000s and greatly affected World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), among others.

April,2002:Matt Morgan signed a development deal with the World Wrestling Federation(WWF) & Ohio Valley Wrestling(OVW).

a.Ohio Valley Wrestling(2002-2003):

Morgan signed a development deal with the World Wrestling Federation(WWF) in April 2002. He debuted also at Ohio Valley Wrestling(OVW) in the same year.


On October 30, 2003, Morgan made his debut episode of Smackdown. Later, Matt Morgan joined with team Lesnar of A-Train, Brock Lesnar & Big Show. Since then, Matt’s gorgeous career in wrestling made him a non-stoppable success against Chris Benoit, John Cena, The Hurricane & many others.

c.Ohio Valley Wrestling (2004-2005)

On April 14, 2004, Morgan defeated Nick Dinsmore to become the OVW Heavyweight Championship

d. Smackdown(2005)

Morgan returned to the Episode of Smackdown in 2005 again. He helped Carlito defeat Big Show on Judgement Day.

e.Japanese & European Promotion(2005-2006)

Morgan defeated Yuzi Nagata in the new Japan-Pro wrestling in 2005. Morgan also had engagements with NWE Wrestling in Italy and participated in Rings of Europe events in Austria.

f.Total Non-stop Action Wrestling(2007-2013)

Moving into politics

Matt Morgan ran for public office in 2017. Choosing to run for office is often a big change in a person’s job path. Matt Morgan’s move from wrestling to politics shows he wants to make a bigger difference in the world beyond the entertainment business. Morgan has given interviews and made public comments that go into more detail about the reasons for this change. Now Matt Morgan works as Commissioner of the Longwood City Commission at the City of Longwood, FL.

Acting career

Matt Morgan started acting, using his charm and experience from wrestling and speaking publicly. It’s common for wrestlers to become actors. It’s great to see wrestlers making the transition to acting! There aren’t many details about his acting roles, but wrestlers often turn to acting because of their experience on screen and their personalities.

Matt Morgan’s wife

Matt Morgan is a happily married man! He and his lovely wife, Larissa Vasper, exchanged vows and are enjoying their journey together. In 2014, the couple happily welcomed their first child into the world, bringing even more joy to their lives. They are currently enjoying a wonderful and satisfying life together, with no disruptions. Matt identifies as straight.

Matt Morgan’s social profile

Matt Morgan has a huge number of followers on social media. His More than 32k fans follow his FB-Profile

The Instagram profile has 659k followers.

The Twitter profile has 193k followers & it has 20k more posts!

Political Ideals and Platforms

To be a politician, you must develop a clear set of political ideals and a program. Looking into Matt Morgan’s political history will show us the main problems he fights for, the values he believes in, and the policies he supports. Understanding Morgan’s political views is essential for figuring out what he does as a public worker, whether in community development, education, healthcare, or another area.

Campaign and Election

Examining Matt Morgan’s election campaign reveals his effective strategies and the challenges he overcame to win the election. His successful campaign strategies and problem-solving led to his election victory. Morgan’s political journey can be fully understood by looking at the campaign trail, which includes debates, public events, and endorsements.

Life after wrestling & politics

Once he takes a break from wrestling and completes his time as mayor, Morgan might consider staying involved in public service, inspiring people with his speeches, or continuing to pursue his acting career. Athletes and public figures, just like him, often use their background and influence to make a positive impact and contribute to their areas of interest.

Some amazing facts about Matt Morgan in a nutshell!

  • Matt Morgan is known for his towering height (7 ft 0 in) and billed weight of 300 lb! This physicality made him a formidable opponent in the ring!
  • Matt Morgan achieved the impressive feat of becoming a two-time “TNA World Tag Team Champion”!
  • During his incredible journey in WWE, TNA, and other wrestling promotions, he had the privilege of being a part of countless captivating storylines, rivalries, and matches that kept fans on the edge of their seats. These experiences showed off his amazing skills and helped him earn a special place in the wrestling world.
  • Morgan’s impact goes far beyond the wrestling ring! As a public figure, he’s making a difference in the community through his political role and inspiring others with his diverse career path.

Final Talks

Matt Morgan’s life and career show how he’s not limited to just one identity. Wow, he’s been able to excel in so many different areas like professional sports, politics, and entertainment. It just goes to show how versatile and impactful his work has been.

Morgan has made quite a name for himself in the wrestling ring, the mayor’s office, and on the screen.Knowing Morgan’s net worth & success stories show willing power could bring a man to the peak of the ultimate goal. Morgan’s life story is the inspiration for the young community to achieve superb success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When did Matt Morgan start his political career?

Ans. Matt Morgan got into politics in 2017 and managed to win the election for District 4 City Commissioner of Longwood, Florida. He went on to become the mayor of Longwood, holding the position from May 2019 to September 2020.

Q2. What is Matt Morgan’s background in professional wrestling?

   Ans. Morgan is a retired professional wrestler who gained recognition during his time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He achieved great success as a two-time TNA World Tag Team Champion. He was also a WWE Superstar and a participant in American Gladiator.

Q3. What other sports did Matt Morgan participate in?

   Ans. Before his wrestling career, Morgan played Division I college basketball for Monmouth University and later transferred to Chaminade University in Hawaii.

4. Has Matt Morgan appeared in television shows?

   Ans. Morgan was a part of the third series of “American Gladiators” and played the role of Beast, one of the Gladiators. In addition, he portrayed a Russian mobster in the Fox TV show “The Good Guys”.Besides, he had the opportunity to participate as a contestant on an all-TNA week of “Family Feud”.

5. What were some highlights of Matt Morgan’s wrestling career?

  Ans. As a wrestler, Morgan has been in high-profile fights in TNA has been a part of WWE’s “Tough Enough II” program, and has become OVW Heavyweight Champion. He has also been in feuds with big wrestlers like Sting, Kurt Angle, and Hernandez.

6. What controversies has Matt Morgan been involved in?

   Ans. Morgan’s political career came under scrutiny when auditors discovered a lack of work product for payments made to his company, Blueprint Enterprises, by the office of Seminole County’s former tax collector. Nevertheless, Morgan was not accused of any wrongdoing.

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