Mei Pak Net Worth: Mystery revealed of an actor, designer & mentor(2024)!

Mei Pak is a renowned actor, entrepreneur, and designer from Malaysia. As a brave girl, Mei Pak traveled alone to Wisconsin at the age of just 19. There, she studied & graduated. But like other successful people, Mei realized her passion & pursued selling business of handicraft jewelry. Pak’s official website shows that Mei Pak’s net worth is $6 to 7 Million dollars as of 2024.

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Mei Pak’s net worth

We can’t estimate the exact net worth of Mei Pak. But her proven business technique has made the seven-figure owner of a business. According to her official blog, She makes 900k revenue in a year. Since 2016, we can sum up her net worth, which stands at $6.3 Million. During the COVID pandemic period in 2020, she made an amazing profit of $2 M in just a single year.

The Story of a Successful Career

In 2016, Mei started coaching with her successful jewelry business experience. And then, it soon got popularity among the community who are dedicated to learning & growth. Today Mei & her team help thousands of entrepreneurs to build their dream careers.

But, Mei’s journey was not a bed of roses. In 2017, Mei Pak started her first coaching debut on the Creative Live Stage. Later on, influential speakers like Arianna Huffington, Brene Brown & many others appreciated it.

From an introvert to an extrovert, Mei Pak has delivered her strategic marketing idea at many events, conferences & podcasts. The clients are very happy  with her simple way of teaching as” Easy 7 efficient ways to automate your business, Create systems & hire help.”

Mei Pak Creative Hive & Acting career

Mei Pak is now a popular figure among young entrepreneurs, especially middle-aged women who want to leave 9 to 5 jobs & be an independent living way!

Mei Pak runs a course named “Creative Hive Co.” about how to start an online business. Strange! you may somebody wonder why a successful actor starts such an online.

She does, however, have her own handmade business called Tiny Hands, where she makes earrings with scents inside them. The website looks interesting, but it’s clear that other people run the business while she works on her acting job and sells her courses.

Mei Pak embarked on her exciting acting journey in 2017 when she made the move to Hollywood. Since then, she has been fortunate enough to work on a range of exciting projects.

Oh, that’s so cool! She got to be in some amazing productions like “Frankly a Mess” with the talented Emmy Award winner Delta Work and “The Fight for Love”.

In addition, she’s had the awesome opportunity to be featured in commercials for big brands like Google, Swiffer, Samsung, AT&T, and Honda. People all over the world know Mei Pak as the amazing voice actress she is, especially as Lyla Park in the hit video game “Life is Strange 2!”

What is the sale-a-day business system of Mei Pak?

Mei Pak’s proven strategy on how to set up your online store and automate it to make steady sales is not a myth now! A sale-a-day business system is the main tactic to make one point one million in personal sales. Without marketing in e-commerce or social media, Mei’s course has changed millions of lives.

It was the blood & sweat of 8 years of trial, error, and experience. The course costs $997 or three installments of $397

Mei Pak on Youtube

Mei is very active on social media. On her YouTube channel, Mei regularly publishes practical videos on how to start a handmade business from scratch. There, many clients shared their success stories of making handsome cash without any e-commerce shop or too much using social media.

At present, we find its channel Creativehive has 222 videos and 136k subscribers. So the story is just amazing for any new starter!

Mei Pak on Instagram

Mei’s Instagram profile is also mentionable. More than 4k followers regularly interact with her posts as a gamer, foodie, and actor.

Mei Pak Jewelry featured on big media!

Mei Pak started Tiny Hands Jewelry when she was just at school without any formal education. Her passion for making scented food jewelry from polymer clay made her amazingly acceptable to many stars.

Stars like Amy Poehler, and Melanie Martinez wore Mei’s Jewellery &  become a vivid fan of her. Soon, popular magazines like “Everyday with Rachel Day”, Huffington Post, Girl’s Life, The Daily Herald” & many others published featured magazines on this new handcrafted jewelry.

Mei Pak print on demand

Pak is well-known for her successful ventures in the print-on-demand and handmade business sectors. She has had an amazing entrepreneurial journey, creating several successful online businesses, including Creative Hive Co. This particular business is focused on helping makers, artists, and designers sell their physical products online.

Pak’s exciting journey into the print-on-demand world started when she launched her third business, where she put her heart into selling beautiful personalized art. This venture was impressive in terms of its financial success! It started with just $2,000 in startup costs, but eventually managed to generate annual revenues in the seven-figure range. This achievement highlights Pak’s impressive ability to use online platforms to grow a business successfully!

Amazing success by Mei Pak’s tiny hands!

Besides her print-on-demand business, Pak and her husband started a lovely art shop on Shopify in 2019. They later expanded their reach to Etsy in the summer of 2020. This expansion turned out to be a great decision, as the business is now making over $100,000 in monthly sales, with half of that coming from Etsy. This success shows how skilled Pak is at using different online marketplaces to increase business visibility and sales.

Motivation from Mei Pak

Mei Pak believes in

“If you can’t do great things, do simple things in a great way!”

Her passionate journey of success showed that every tiny work could be awarded if there was dedication. After her graduation, Mei failed to get a job, then she pursued her jewelry business full-time.

After spending long long hours, Mei caught up with the perfect design of each piece of jewelry with its original fragrance! Certainly, Mei Pak & her team prepare & supply hundreds of jewelry pieces for kids & grown.

Some notable facts about Mei Pak

  • Mei Pak is a superb strategist.
  • Her expertise covers a broad range of business topics, including public relations, social media, wholesale, paid advertising, blogger outreach, pricing, branding, customer experience, web design, and business scaling!
  • She passionately pursued and excelled in mathematics! Even though Pak graduated with top honors (summa cum laude), she discovered that her true passion lay elsewhere. This realization inspired her to start her entrepreneurial journey. This means she follows her intuition!

Final talks

Mei Pak is an amazing entrepreneur with a wide range of talents! In a nutshell, Mei Pak is a successful entrepreneur and marketing strategist who has achieved remarkable success in the print-on-demand and handmade business sectors. Wow, her journey from being a mathematics student to becoming a multi-faceted business owner is truly impressive! It shows her incredible versatility, creativity, and business skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Mei Pak’s background?

Ans. Mei Pak hails from Malaysia and made her way to the United States at the age of 19 to pursue her passion for mathematics. She graduated with top honors, but her true calling lay in the world of entrepreneurship and design. This led her to embark on a journey where she established several thriving online businesses.

2. What are Mei Pak’s notable entrepreneurial achievements?

   Ans. Mei Pak started Tiny Hands Jewelry in high school. It is a line of jewelry with food themes that smells good. Many people know this business as a unique gift idea for young girls and food lovers, and it has grown into a six-figure enterprise.

3. When did Mei Pak begin her acting career?

Ans. Mei Pak moved to Hollywood in 2017. She has acted in various projects including “Frankly a Mess,” “The Fight for Love,” and commercials for major brands like Google, Swiffer, Samsung, AT&T, and Honda. She also voiced Lyla Park in the video game “Life is Strange 2”.

4. What are some of Mei Pak’s acting credits?

Ans. Mei Pak’s acting credits include guest roles in TV shows like “All Rise” and “Better Things,” as well as lead roles in short films such as “City Kitties” and “Unsolved Murders.” She has also appeared in films like “39 Weeks” and “The Fight for Love”.

5. Has Mei Pak received any acting awards or recognitions?

Ans. Mei Pak received the Best Performer Award for a high school theater district competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has also been actively involved in various acting workshops and training programs to hone her skills.

6. What are some of Mei Pak’s special skills and physical attributes?

  Ans. Mei Pak is skilled in martial arts (Kung Fu), badminton, ping pong, and several other sports. She is also musically talented, playing the guitar, violin, and piano, and has a vocal range of a mezzo-soprano. She speaks multiple languages and is proficient in various accents.

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