Young Nudy Net Worth: A Complete Wiki, Bio![Updated 2024]

Hey, how many successful rappers have you ever introduced? Young Nudy is one of the most trendy rapper singers in recent times. Young Nudy’s net worth is $500k to $1M(2024).

We assemble here the latest facts & findings about Young Nudy’s net worth, wiki, bio, relationship status & social profiles whatever is available in online & offline sources. So, let’s go…

Young Nudy is a famous American Rapper from Atlanta, United States- who became the most reached audience quickly. After releasing the popular singles “Yeah Yeah”, EA, “Loaded Baked Potato” & “One Dolla” this young artist successfully paved his way in rapper life! 

When his discography album Slimeball-1 & Slimeball-2 was unleashed in 2015 & 2016, the audiences marked him as a potential artist.

A thirty-year-old guy Young Nudy became skyrocketed popular in the Atlanta Rap scene just after his contribution to 21 Savage’s single “Air it Out.” 

A quick bio of Young Nudy

Real nameQuantavious Tavario Thomas
Brand name Young Nudy
Date of birth December 17, 1992/ 32 years old
Relationship status Single
Source of wealthAs a Rapper
Birth sign Sagittarius
Height 6 Ft. 1inch
Net worth $500k     

Early life

Are you an interesting guy to know about Young Nudy’s childhood plus earlier life? Then stay here…

Young Nudy’s early life is not as well as average guy’s. As he had to make ends meet during school time by himself.

According to Young, “Mama didn’t have a job”.So, he dropped school at a very early stage. He grew up with his lonely mother, sister Ashley & older brother PDE Escobar. He shared also some sweet moments with his grandparents.

His life is surrounded by many turmoil situations in Zone 6, Georgia, which is notorious for criminal activities. Consequently, Nudy also involved himself in the gang and was jailed a few times. But street life couldn’t hinder the indomitable rapper’s talent! 

Young Nudy Wiki: Rise of a Star

This Atlanta Hip-hop artist made his debut in 2015 with the mixed tape “Paradise City.” Before that, he published his first song “Off the Head” on YouTube in 2014.

Young Nudy got national attention when his featured album with Savage “Air it Out” has ever 53 million views on YouTube since it was posted in 2015.

In 2017, producer Pi’ree Bourne had the opportunity to make the song “No Clue” which has 3 million SoundCloud plays.  Hell Shell & Barbeque are another two popular songs.

In March 2018, Young Nudy & 21 Savage jointly produced a video on “ Since When”-that reached a fantastic milestone of 23 million views on YouTube.

A couple of additional EPs Nudy land(2017), Sequel  of Slimeball-1(2016),2(2017),3(2018) got huge attention.Soon, this internet celebrity became a potential member of the Rock Band PDE  

Young Nudy on Social Media

His “Hell Shell” song has been viewed 16 Million times!

Omg! We see the large number of Young Nudy fans steadily increase. This has proven Young Nudy’s sky-rocketed popularity among the community!

Young Nudy Wikipedia

The popular songs list of Young Nudy are

Air it out(2015)




Faded in the Booth, Slimerre, Pissy Pamper, Sunset, Down Bad,

Grammy Awards awarded to Young Nudy

At the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, held on January 26, 2020, Young Nudy was awarded Grammy Awards for his record single “Down Bad” of Dreamville Records & Revenge of the Dreamers-3.

Some Amazing Facts about Young Nudy

  • Young Nudy is most possibly from Jamaican roots.
  • Atlanta-based rapper 21 Savage & Young Nudy are cousins. Nudy gets much inspiration from him.
  • Young Nudy was very close to his grandmother. According to an interview, he revealed that!
  • According to another interview with Complex, Nudy said that he is very energetic. He told there ” I just want to play the game and talk shit. And I ask them a thousand questions. I be interviewing them. I be wanting to know what they got going on. There be a lot of folk having some issues and shit going on.”
  • J. Cole is Young Nudy’s most preferred rapper.
  • In 2019, Young Nudy was caught in jail due to aggravated assault & later got free.

Final words

Jamaican descent Young Nudy is an amazing character from street life to popular rapper-singer. His passion to write & sing rap songs made him wealthy as well.


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