Yumna Jawad- an Instagram Influencer’s net worth, bio(2024)

Yumna Jawad is a fantastic name in the field of tasty cuisine. As the creator of the Instagram account  Feelgoodfoodie, she widely publicized her name globally. Millions of social media netizens across the USA and beyond regularly follow Yumna Jawad’s mouth-watering recipes and posts. This way, she consistently engages her audiences with talent and creativity.

Yumna Jawad’s key profile

  • Yumna Jawad has millions of followers on her Instagram page -@feelgoodfoodie, where she regularly posts fantastic recipes.
  • Yumna successfully achieved many accolades, including brand & Collaboration. 
  • Yumna Jawad’s net worth is $2 M- $3 M.
  • Miss Jawad keeps herself engaged in many philanthropic activities.

Yumna Jawad:A quick bio

Full nameYumna Jawad
Brand name:Yumna Jawad
Date of birthJune,30,1982  
Age42 Years
ProfessionInstagram influencer
Residence Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Yumna Jawad’s net worth

According to Forbes & other financial reports, Yumna Jawad’s cumulated wealth is between $2M and $3M.

Yumna’s successful journey helped her build many brand collaborations, promote products, and obtain sponsorship.

Some famous companies, like Amazon, L’oreal, and Nike, promote their products with their massive followers. In this way, she helped those brands get engaged according to their expectations.

Why is Yumna Jawad famous?

Yuman Jawad is a very passionate person who lets people know about her unique recipes. Millions of fans follow her because she experimented with healthy cuisines that followers love. Furthermore, she cares about every reply with amusing interaction, either emojis or comments as well. Yumna’s dedication to making healthy food turned her into a super rockstar among the community.

The distinct features of Yumna Jawad

  • Instagram star Yumna Jawad regularly practices making different tasty foods. Millions of people regularly follow her as a kitchen icon!
  • Yumna’s dedication to creating awareness about eating healthy food made her amazingly unique & acceptable.
  • Yuma’s grand works have helped her to reach brand collaboration & sponsorships.
  • Yumna regularly makes & posts new dishes according to her followers’ requested recipes.

Yumna Jawad on different social media

Yumna Jawad started her journey as a cheap mentor on different social media. Her unique style of cuisine quickly attracted followers, and Yumna’s consistent dedication helped her spread widely within a very short time. Initially, she started her page “Feelgoodfoodie” on Instagram. She understands people’s variety of food choices with different tastes, and the chemistry is done.

Yumna Jawad’s main business webfeelgoodfoodie.net
Oath Oats – My Oats Brand!oathoats.com

Yumna Jawad’s personal profile


Yumna Jawad Instagram story

Indeed, when Yumna Jawad started sharing posts of various delicious recipes with eye-catching pictures, audiences stumbled upon them. After the huge popularity of the page Feelgoodfoodie, she was encouraged to explore exclusive mouth-watering dishes. And she started those by testing them with her hubby at home! 

We see Yumna consistently evolve her content to cater to her audiences of interest. The most crucial distinct feature of Yumna’s story is her simple catering of recipes but very dietary & healthy at the same time.

‘Her unique way of using visually appealing images & engaging captions drastically helped her to be accepted widely. We also say that the account “Feelgoodfoodie” is now a brand name to follow a variety of recipe lovers.

What she started as a part-time hobby is now a full-time professional job! In this way, her attempt has led to countless brand collaborations and sponsorships!

Through Yumana Jawad’s journey, many startups found a way not to be disheartened in their career progress.


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