Zahi Hawass’s Net Worth & Bio: Peering into Egypt’s Archaeological Guru[2024]

Zahi Hawass is one of the most famous people in Egyptology. People look up to Hawass for his contributions to historical study, charisma, and work to protect Egypt’s cultural history. In a word, he has left an indelible mark on the field. Here, we explore Zahi Hawass’s fantastic journey in Egypt’s historical, cultural & political arena. People also are curious to know about his net worth, family & personal life at the same time.

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Zahi Hawass’s net worth

According to the New York Times, Hawass received an honorarium of $200,000 from National Geographic only to be an explorer in residence. And this list is long! According to the news, Zahi Hawass also has a business relationship with two American Companies that do business in Egypt. From different financial sources, we can estimate Zahi Hawass’s net worth as $2M-$3M

Early life & education

Zahi Hawass was born in a small village near Egypt’s port city of Damietta on May 28, 1947. According to Mr. Hawass’s official website, he wanted to be a lawyer, and he went to school to study law at the age of 15. But, he soon lost interest in law.

When he was 20 years old, Zahi graduated from Alexandria University(1967) with a Bachelor’s degree in Greek and Roman Archaeology. After graduation, the government hired him as an Inspector of Antiquities. Later, he earned a short course in Egyptology at Cairo University in 1979.

Zahi was awarded a Fulbright scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He successfully defended a Ph.D. (1987) thesis in Egyptology on “The Funerary Establishments of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura During the Old Kingdom.”

 Even when he was a little boy, he loved reading about old Egyptian stories. He thought the stories about mummies and pyramids were the coolest!

When he grew up, Zahi went to school to learn even more about ancient Egypt. He went to big universities, where they taught him all about ancient Egyptian history. The summary of his academic education is very colorful and bright. Here is a glimpse of his education.

Zahi Hawass discovery

Zahi Hawass is responsible for discovering many archaeological sites, including the tombs of the pyramid builders at Giza and the Satellite pyramid of Khufu. He led a team that explored the CT Scan of Tutankhamun and opined that the king died due to malaria and a leg fracture.

Besides this, his exploration and findings are long. According to a news source, Dr. Hawass’s list of findings is like a history book; each dig reveals new details about Egypt’s long and fascinating past. Dr. Hawass’s work has changed the way we think about ancient Egypt and what it means to us today. He has done this by finding royal tombs and interpreting hieroglyphics.

Zahi Hawass latest news

After the revolution in 2011, Hawass stopped working for the government and started doing his archaeology work. Right now, he’s busy digging up ancient things in places like Saqqara and Luxor. He’s also working on the Scan Pyramids project, and soon, he’ll start exploring a new place called the Valley of the Marks. 

Recently, he wrote an incredible French story about a famous ancient king and made an opera about another famous king, which will be shown in 2024. When he’s not digging or writing, he likes to relax by smoking a cigar and watching old cowboy movies. Hawass sure knows how to keep busy and have fun!

Egyptian antiquities minister

Zahi Hawass was a minister of Antiquities during the regimes of two prime ministers, including Hosne Mobarrak(January 31 January 2011) and Essam Sharaf(March 30, 2011).

Egyptian Antiquities Minister Dr. Zahi Hawass’s term was crucial to Egypt’s cultural preservation efforts. His anti-looting, conservation, and public awareness efforts forever changed Egypt’s ancient environment.

Zahi Hawass family

According to Hawass’s official website, & other sources, Zahi Lives a very happily coupled life; His spouse’s name is Fekhira. They have two adorable sons.

Zahi Hawass’ age & physical descriptions

In 2024, Zahi Hawas turned 77 Years old. So, what? He always remains busy. However, we need help finding trustworthy information regarding his physical description. While we see that he is with President Barack Obama(1.87 m), there is little height difference between him and him.

Anyhow, we see -he has dark brown hair along with eyes of the same color.

Zahi Hawass in social media

Zahi regularly posts on social media about his excavation, tour & family times.

Facebook has 1 M follower

Instagram has 138k followers

On social media, we find Zahi Hawass to be a hard worker, a relentless discoverer, and a fantastic tourist globally.

Zahi Hawass Books

Zahi Hawass’s creative world is very long & resourceful at the same Time! Yes, he wrote more than 30 books related to mummies, pyramids & Egyptian archaeology. Out of those are-

  • The Great Book of Ancient Egypt: In the Realm of the Pharaohs, London, ed. White Star, 2018
  • Giza and the Pyramids, London, ed. Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2017
  • Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt, Washington, D.C., ed. National Geographic Society, 2010
  • Tutankhamun: The Mystery of the Boy King, London, ed. National Geographic Society, 2005
  • The Egyptian Monuments: Problems and Solutions, Berlin, ed. Gruyter, 1995
  • The Treasures of the Pyramids, London, ed. White Star, 2003

Recognition & awards

Hawass is the first recipient of the Egyptian State Award for the Sphinx restoration project. In 2002, he was awarded the American Academy of Achievements’ golden plate. In 2006, Time chose him as one of the world’s 100 most influential people. In 2015, he was awarded the Golden Memorial Medal of Charles University.

The academia Brasileira de Letras awarded Hawass as an outstanding archaeologist for writing more than 30 books in the arena. He has received honors from France, Austria, Peru, Italy, Japan, and others.

Final talks

Zahi Hawass started from simple beginnings but became very famous in archaeology because he loved learning and worked hard to learn about ancient things. His story shows that if you love something and work hard, you can become great at it.


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