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Kevin Samuels is a big internet personality & image consultant whose premature death (May 2022) shocked the young generations who follow him.

He had a significant impact on the lives of many young men, especially those who lacked a father figure. Even though his truth could sometimes be unpleasant, he fearlessly accepted and shared it.

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“For y’all woman to be so independent, you’ll always need help for some reason”

-Kevin Samuels

“Y’all are all out How men think. This is why you can’t get what you want from  because you are valuing something  up here that is a used vehicle with a lot of miles”

-Kevin Samuels

“When you understand female psychology, you behave accordingly. Most women are dealing with trauma, and certain words can trigger them.”

-Kevin Samuels

“Nothing oppressive about serving my man his plate, it’s an honor.”

-Kevin Samuels

“A rich man can get a broke woman and change her life. A rich woman won’t even look a broke man’s way. Can I get a witness?” 

-Kevin Samuels

“Whatever you desire to do, you can get it done.

Stop the excuses.”

-Kevin Samuels

“Ask a woman what she wants from a man and she’ll give you a thesaurus, a list, an encyclopedia. Ask what she brings to the table and you can write it on the back of a stamp.”

– Kevin Samuels

“Chivalry is dead because women killed it.” Samuels

-Kelvin Samuels

“Money-making is a social activity and success is shared; you will only go so far without other people.”

Kevin Samuels

“Women don’t get told the truth these days.

Kevin Samuels

You weigh more than a man

Kevin Samuels

Classy women don’t lie

Kevin Samuels

“Men don’t care about your money, men pick women based on their character, compatibility, and emotional connection.”

Kevin Samuels

“Women only let men they respect use them.”

Kevin Samuels

“People started treating me with more respect when I went all out and treated myself better. I even noticed a major difference at work with how my coworkers approach, address and even look at me. To the point where I am expected to lead by example now. People also leave nonsense at the door as well when coming into my office.” 

Kevin Samuels

“Reinvent yourself “

Kevin Samuels

“You can lose the game, but don’t lose the lesson.” – Kevin Samuels

“If a man values himself, then there’s no reason that he shouldn’t be able to succeed on his own terms.” – Kevin Samuels

About relationship/women

“If a woman decides to go on a date with any man after the hours of 5 p.m., intimacy should be on the menu. However, if the intention of the woman is to keep the relationship with the man ‘strictly platonic,’ the time frame of noon to 3 p.m. is more suitable.” – Kevin Samuels

“Women by nature want to consolidate on the highest value man possible. Social media and dating apps have made it to where you have 100% of women wanting men in the top 10 to 20%.” – Kevin Samuels

“So many modern women today cannot deliver the girlfriend experience. That’s why you don’t get the wife treatment. The girlfriend experience is respect, affection, support, peace and tranquility.” – Kevin Samuels

“A high-value woman is attractive and appealing, she has a comforting character, she’s discerning and disciplined, she’s enthusiastic and exuberant, she’s loyal and liberated. That’s the definition of a high-value woman.” – Kevin Samuels

“Men don’t care about your money, men pick women based on their character, compatibility, and emotional connection.”

“A woman who’s smart and cooperative but not agreeable is kind of useless. Cause she’ll only cooperate when she agrees. A woman who’s cooperative and agreeable but not smart is kinda like the blind leading the blind.” – Kevin Samuels

“Men get told every day where they rank, they get rejected all the time. Men known what they quote unquote ‘qualify’ for.

But women for the last 30 to 40 years have been told they can have it all whenever they want, no matter how they are. And they’ve been given an unrealistic expectation of their actual sexual marketplace value.” – Kevin Samuels

Finally, Kevin Roshon Samuels was a great influencer among netizens globally.

Kevin had a great enthusiasm for men’s lifestyle, personal growth, and embracing true manhood in today’s society. People miss him greatly!


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