The selected 51 quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti about love, inspiration, and attitude

St. Vincent Pallotti(21 April 1795-22 January 1850), a pioneer of mankind to the poor and underprivileged community, was born in Rome, Italy. He decided to be a priest at the age of sixteen and became a popular Saint in his contemporary period. The quotes by St. Vincent Pallotti is a worldwide search term over the internet.

As a famous influencer of Catholic Action in a larger part of Europe in the nineteenth century, he organized many schools for carpenters, shoemakers, gardeners, young farmers, and unskilled workers and taught them in the evening or night time as well. The Pallottines whom we know worldwide, are the followers of St.Vincent Pallotti.

Famous quotes of St. Vincent Pallotti

Here are our 51 quotes on religion, mankind, love, and positivity about life.

Quotes about attitude 

1.“If we are really animated by the spirit of love, we will always treat all with love, look on all with love, think of all with love, and speak of all with love”


2.“Even the best efforts of individuals cannot be successful unless they are united and directed to  a common goal”

Famous speech by St. Vincent Pallott

3.“In order to arrive at genuine joy, it is necessary to pass through genuine suffering”

Famous quote by St. Vincent Pallotti

4.“Remember that the eternal reward

is not proportioned to the size of the 

harvest but rather to the amount of effort spent.”

Quote by St. Vincent Pallotti

5.“God is ready to do more than we can ever request or imagine. Yet God wants us to do all that is humanly possible in this world”

St. Vincent Pallotti comment

6.“Through a continuous life of deep

 humility and great trust in God,

we learn and practice 

the difficult art of overcoming all


St. Vincent Pallotti message

7.“One can not be indifferent to small gifts and contributions. Often these small means, combined, result in greater sums which can achieve a greater result”

Quote of St. Vincent Pallotti

About philosophy of the matter of the world

8.“Time is precious and brief. The past does not return”

9.“Imagine that every day is the first and last day of your life”

10.“Your most serious illness is mistrust”

11.“You can do everything in the strength of the highest”

12.“Since we have been created in the image of God, we are endowed with and urge proper to our nature, to do good always and never to be lazy”

Quotes About love and passion

St. Vincent Pallotti helps us to think deeply that we are all called to be apostles-means ambassadors of God’s love. Isn’t it the best time to respond to the calling given to us by God, breathed into us by the spirit, and acted upon through Jesus Christ?

According to St. Vincent Pallotti, man is made in ‘God’s image’.He urged the people to come out of God’s calling-Apostles.

13.“Hearts that possess love  are fit to receive all God’s graces”

14.“Behold the crucifix!

There you see love in

human form. Then look into your own heart; there you will find love too. you will discover the love of the highest in everything”

Quotes about God, Religion, and Belief

15.“The love of Christ impels us.”

16.“You must be holy in the way that God asks you to be holy. God does not ask you to be a Trappist monk or a hermit. He wills that you sanctify the world in your everyday life”

Quote by St. Vincent Pallotti

 17.“Can you encourage your neighbors to do good?

then encourage them!

this is what I mean by ‘apostolate’

St. Vincent Pallotti's quote

18.“Not the goods of the world, but God. Not riches, but God. Not honors, but God. No distinction but God. Not dignities, but God. Not advancement, but God. God always and in everything.”

St. Vincent Pallotti's quote.

19.“God never sends you into a situation alone. He goes before you. He stands beside you. He walks behind you. Whatever situation you have right now, face it with the confidence of knowing… God is with you”

20.“God is saying to you today. Rest in me. I am already at work in your life. I will turn around every bad situation in your life. I will bless you and your family and I will heal what needs to be healed. Amen”

21.“Since God is perfect in loving man, Man must be perfect in loving his neighbor”

22.“Jesus Christ assures us: the more we hunger and thirst for holiness, the more we shall be filled”

23.“God sent you as workers into his harvest that through your ministry, faith may be preserved and love may grow”

24.“Remember that the Christian life is one of action. Not of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and many deeds and let them be done well.”

25.“Our life is: To breathe God in and out. To find God in everything. To reveal God to all. To radiate the presence of God.”

26.“God will do everything when we do everything with the conviction that we can do nothing without God”

27.“Promises and expectations will be fulfilled when it pleases God”

28.“Jesus mournful unto death,

Dragged and bound

with cords and chains,

clothed in a robe of disgrace,

have mercy on me”

29.“Anyone can excel in the good of the apostolate because God judges the perfection and value of the labor and work according to the intentions of the heart.”

30.“God wants to enlighten 

the mind of the sinner”

31.“Let us not forget the 

threefold requisite of the 

Christian life: deny yourself,

take up your cross, and follow

Jesus Christ”

32.“Oh my God, I ask you to give me whatever insight I need to discern the innermost part of my heart”

33.“Following our lord

demands great confidence

in God and 

great distrust of ourselves”

34.“The royal road to sanctity is humility and trust in God”

35.“My God, who can give me tears?

I want to cry because of my enormous ingratitude toward your infinite love and infinite mercy”

36.“It is our task for 

Co-operate in the spreading of the 

Gospel with the power of God”

37.“The ministry of the Gospel…

Like a clap of thunder

that arouses the unhappy slaves

of sin to repentance,

to save them”

38.“All must meditate often on

the obedience of the crucified Lord”

39.“If we have put off our wholehearted service to God for days, weeks, months, or years, let us be sorry”

40.“If God made you powerful here on earth, then use this power to 

spread, preserve, and renew the holy faith”

Quotes about love to the god

41.“Love has a structure”

42.“Infinite love, I am desperate!

I do not know how to love you as much as I ought.”

43.“The soul has a natural tendency to be drawn to the infinite love and away from worldly love”

 Remarkable quote of St. Vincent Pallotti

44.“Compete with each other as to who loves God most”

45.“Pray to obtain the grace which will enable you to rid yourself of mistrust and fill you with spiritual confidence.”

46. With the help of divine grace, you can do even greater things than all the saints together.”

47.“Let courage, lighten up your step and quicken your pace in the way that leads to everlasting glory” 

48.“Courage is but frailty at its best”

Quotes about prayer

49.“Prayer is infallible means to obtain from God 

everything we desire”

50.“God mercifully feeds me,

and makes the love of God lives in me, stay in me, and operate in me” 

51.“My God …day and night

whether I’m awake or asleep,

whether I think you or not,

you always think of me in your 

 infinite love. You love me and turned toward me”

In fine, after exploring St. Vincent Pallotti’s quotes, we can say that he was the greatest inspiration of love, attitude, gratitude, and feelings to God for all time.


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