Humanist Zita Cobb net worth: Explore a Zero to Hero Life’s story(2024)

Zita Cobb is a successful Canadian businesswoman and philanthropist as well. Her net worth is $12M above.

Zita Cobb’s inspiring life story resonates with many people who feel discouraged. Growing up in a modest family with a fisherman father, Zita demonstrated that determination and willpower are essential for achieving one’s goals. In 2016, she was honored with the Order of Canada, the country’s second-highest civilian honor. According to Forbes, iMD, and other financial sources, Zita Cobb’s net worth is estimated to be over $12 million.

Zita Cobb’s net worth in 2024

Zita Cobb has held many top positions in her career. She worked as a top executive at JDS Uniphase and as an activist in the IT industry. In Silicon Valley, she became the third highest-paid female CEO in the country. Her net worth is now over $12 million.

As a social entrepreneur, she invested $40 million in a luxurious inn. This project aimed to boost the island’s economy, create jobs, and preserve the island’s culture and traditions.

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Zita Cobb-A quick bio

Full nameZita Cobb
Born in year1958
Age66(As of 2024)
ProfessionActivist of IT Industry, Social entrepreneur
Net worth$12 M above

Early life & family background

As a popular magazine mentions, Zita Cobb is an eighth-generation Fogo Islander. She was born in the small community of Joe Batt’s Arm on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada, and raised in a close-knit community where she learned the value of hard work and dedication.

Her life story is like a fairytale. Zita grew up with her seven siblings on the island, where life was tough without electricity and running water. She has said, “Her parents couldn’t even read or write.” When she was just six, she survived by vital tuberculosis. She told us all to face the hard reality & win is a must!

Zita’s hard journey

Zita’s journey to success started when she left her village for better education. She studied business administration at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. After finishing her studies, she worked in the technology field. There, she gained important skills and knowledge.

Zita became a top executive at JDS Uniphase. She is also a co-founder and CEO of the Shorefast Foundation, which aims to improve the island’s economy by introducing new policies and practices.

The saga of Fogo Island & “Shorefast”

Zita’s life took a dramatic turn when she decided to return to her roots on Fogo Island. She saw that her hometown was struggling financially and wanted to help. In 2007, Zita co-founded the Shorefast Foundation. This non-profit organization aims to revive the island’s economy and preserve its unique culture.

Under Zita’s leadership, the Shorefast Foundation launched several innovative programs. These programs focus on creating sustainable businesses and attracting tourists to the island. One of their most successful projects is the Fogo Island Inn. This luxury hotel is famous worldwide for its stunning design and support for the local community.

Zita’s life-story in global media

Time rewards dedication! Zita’s efforts have gained international recognition. According to Fastcompany’s website, she is featured in an article titled “How Multimillionaire Zita Cobb Plans to Turn a Tiny Canadian Island Into an Arts Mecca.” Fogo Island and the nearby Change Islands have become a global destination for artists and visitors. This achievement is credited to Zita Cobb!

Pic: Zita Cobb is interviewing with US President Barack Obama

Zita believes these changes have strengthened the island’s culture, which she calls “cultural resiliency.” The Shorefast Foundation is expanding its mission with the Community Economies Pilot, a national initiative to promote local economic development in the global market.

Zita Cobb, as a philanthropist

We previously mentioned the Shorefast Foundation, but you’ll be amazed to know that Zita Cobb alone contributed $10 million to it, and the Canadian and Provincial Governments each added $5 million. Zita Cobb gained worldwide attention with two major projects. One project distributed radios in Rwanda, and the other provided scholarships for students from Fogo Island.

Lesson from Zita Cobb to be motivated!

Zita Cobb’s life lesson is very inspirational as she revealed in the news that her family had survived much hardship and struggle at a young age. She said, “Her family had no running water or electricity, and her parents couldn’t read or write.”-where she grew up.

Awards & accolades

Zita Cobb has received the prestigious “CM” title, Canada’s second-highest state honor. When she began her work with Shorefast as a social entrepreneur, she couldn’t imagine how her efforts would impact revitalizing the island’s economy.

Since 2016, Zita has been a member of the Order of Canada. In 2020, she was inducted into Canada’s Business Hall of Fame. She has also received honorary doctorates from several universities, including McGill University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, the University of Ottawa, and Carleton University. Zita dedicates all her time and efforts to Shorefast’s humanitarian projects and community businesses.

Zita Cobb’s personal life

Both Cobb couple sometimes posts happy pic on social media. They have three children. Besides, we can’t know much about Zita Cobb’s personal life

Final Talks

Zita Cobb strongly believes that “Your example, not your opinion, changes the world.”As an IT activist, successful CEO, and social entrepreneur, Zita Cobb’s life story inspires her to succeed personally and as a philanthropist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Zita Cobb worth?

Ans. Above $12 M (As of 2024)

Is Zita Cobb married?

Ans. Yes, Zita Cobb lives a happy couple’s life

Who is Zita Cobb married to?

Ans. Robert F. Cobb, a notable businessman, is the spouse of Zita Cobb.





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