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Harry Kakatsakis is a filmmaker, screenwriter, superhero, and lover of monsters, sword fighting & social justice at the same time. The net worth of Harry Kakatsakis is 14.5$ million as of 2024.

Award-winning director Harry Kakatsakis’s sources of income are as miscellaneous crew, director, scriptwriter & actor. In 2024, his net worth stands at 14.5$ million.

A Quick Bio of Harry Kakatsakis

Brand nameHarry Kakatsakis
Date of birth17 March,1970
Place of birth: New York City
Gender: Male
Nationality: American

Early life

The background family of Harry Kakatsakis is very bright. Harry Kakatsakis was born on March 17,1970-New York City, New York. His mother, June Louise Squibb(1929-)is a popular actress and producer. Once she was selected for an Academy Award. Squibb was a Broadway debut musician of “Gypsy”, the drama film “Scent of a Woman”(1992), Age of Innocence(1993), the romantic fantasy “Meet Joe Black”(1998), etc…

Harry’s father Charles Kakatsakis was a renowned acting teacher. Kakatsakis’ grandmother JoyBelle Force(1905-1996) was also a popular pianist. Ms. JoyBelle was awarded two times in the World Championship Piano Playing  Contest in 1975 & 1978. So, the story of Harry Kakatsakis is awesome!

Glimpse of a Professional Career

Kakatsakis has rocked the filmmaking world, especially when it comes to directing and screenwriting. He’s directed a bunch of shorts and theater pieces, like “In My Country,” which was the second most voted for in Moveon.org’s 2003 “Bush in 30 Seconds” contest. Larry Levinson Productions also hired him to write the script for the TV movie “Search & Destroy. It’s a sci-fi thriller, pretty awesome. He’s also worked on this cool movie called “American Fallout,” it’s like a doomsday prepper romance thing. And guess what? It’s been in a bunch of contests and stuff. Pretty impressive, right?

Harry Kakatsakis is known as an actor, and director for the popular films Character Assassins(2009), “And Finding a Match” (2008).Admissions(2011), What Future(2013), “Linger” (2013), Mic Whore” (2014), Somewhere to Run(2013), HomeSchool Reunion(2015), Many Loves Cella(2014). Most of them are multi-awarded winning.

Exceptional Kakatsakis

Kakatsakis proved himself amazing when he created two short films-“Admission” & “What Future”. James Cromwell is in this cool short film called “Admissions.” It’s got a really powerful story that people love. “What Future,” a sci-fi short, explores sustainable living practices, making it another cool addition to his portfolio. People have said nice things about these projects, which shows how skilled and flexible he is as a director.

Both projects have gotten a lot of praise and show how good he is at working with different types of stories and ideas.


As a director, actor Harry Kakatsakis won numerous achievements & awards. His directed movie “Admissions”(2012) was awarded as

  • Artivist Spirit Award, Best Short Film 2012 in International Artivist Film Festival
  • Best Children’s Film(2012) in Uppasala International Short Film Festival(Sweden)
  • Best short film award-2012 (Audience Choice) in Cleveland International Film Festival

Besides, it received a Jury Award at the Woods Hole Film Festival for best short film.

At present

Harry is writing now a doomsday romance feature “American Fallout.”Gulf War horror action thriller “Dark Site”, “Shadow City” & medieval fantasy horror feature  “Dungeon Deep”. 

The social profile

Harry is very active in his social media presence. He is interested in informing his recent activities to the followers.


Physical Appearance

HeightUnder Review
WeightUnder Review
Hair colorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorPisces

Personal Relations

In terms of his personal life, Kakatsakis is single and keeps his life private, focusing mostly on his work. Because he has been so successful in his career, his net worth is thought to be around $14 million.

We don’t get any clear information about his private life. We think Harry concentrates his professional life on reaching a very stable position. Anyhow, if you have any news, please write in the comment below.

More Talks

Kakatsakis has written and directed a bunch of short films, like “In My Country” and “’43 Days.” They’re all about different stuff, like one of them is about a teenager who runs away and ends up doing prostitution. When he moved to LA, it was a big deal for his career. That’s where he made all the stuff you can see on his website.

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