Is Prime Reading the Same as Kindle Unlimited? A Comparison Guide

In the vast landscape of digital reading, two popular services Amazon offers have caught the attention of bookworms everywhere—Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading. While both services offer a plethora of e-books for avid readers to devour, it’s essential to understand their similarities, differences, and whether they are truly the same. So fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this enlightening journey into the realms of Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading!

 What is Prime Reading?

Prime Reading is a benefit included with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime Reading offers a curated selection of over a thousand e-books, magazines, and comics that Amazon Prime members can read for free. With Prime Reading, subscribers can explore various genres, from bestsellers to literary classics and even popular magazines.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

With Kindle Unlimited, not iPad, Amazon provides a standalone subscription service that offers an extensive collection of e-books, audiobooks, and magazines for users to enjoy. Subscribers pay a monthly fee and can enjoy unlimited reading from a vast library of over a million titles, including popular bestsellers, self-published gems, and niche genres.

How Does Kindle Unlimited Differ From Prime Reading?

Both services share some commonalities in terms of providing access to e-books digitally through Amazon platforms such as Kindles or mobile devices with the Kindle app installed.

Comparative study:

Feature/BenefitsAmazon Kindle Amazon Prime Reading
Access to titlesPurchase or borrow from a vast selection, including millions of titlesAccess to a curated library of over a thousand titles at no additional cost
CostCost of the e-reader plus individual book prices, or Kindle Unlimited subscription for broader accessIncluded in Amazon Prime subscription at no extra cost
Device supportKindle e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and computers via the Kindle appDepending on the device used; smartphones and tablets generally have shorter battery life
PortabilityLightweight, dedicated e-reader available for a focused reading experienceAccess titles on multiple devices, offering portability without a dedicated device
Battery lifeWeeks-long battery life on Kindle devicesAdjustable text size, font, and spacing, built-in dictionary, highlight, and notes
Reading featuresA limited selection of audiobooksAdjustable text size, font, and spacing, built-in dictionary, highlight, and notes
Offline reading
Yes, once titles are downloaded

Yes, once titles are downloaded
Audio BooksAccess to Audible audiobooks on compatible devicesLimited selection of audiobooks
First ReadsA limited selection of audiobooksFree early access to new titles via Amazon’s “First Reads” program for Prime members
Magazines & ComicsAvailable for purchase or via Kindle Unlimited subscriptionIncluded in the curated selection at no additional cost
AccessibilityText-to-speech, adjustable text size, and screen readersFeatures depend on the device used; most offer text-to-speech and adjustable text size
SyncingSync reading progress, notes, and highlights across multiple devicesSame syncing capabilities across multiple devices
Fig: Comparison Table between Amazon Kindle Vs. Amazon Prime reading

This table should give you a good overview of how Amazon Kindle and Amazon Prime Reading compare in various aspects. Both have their unique advantages and cater to different types of readers

Kindle Unlimited vs. Prime reading: From the 3 broader aspects?

While both services share some commonalities in terms of providing access to e-books digitally through Amazon platforms such as Kindles or mobile devices with the Kindle app installed., We explore here the three  key distinctions between them:

Amazon Kindle vs. Amazon Prime: Similarity & Difference

1. Book Selection:

 With its vast library encompassing millions of titles across multiple formats (e-books, audiobooks), including self-published works through KDP Select program participation,

   Amazon Kindle Unlimited offers *Kindle* unparalleled variety*. On the other hand,

   *Prime* Reading provides a more curated selection*, typically featuring around 1-2 thousand titles at any given time.

2. Subscription Requirement:

 Kindle Unlimited free requires a separate subscription, while Prime Reading is an included benefit for Amazon Prime members at no additional cost. This means that if you already have an active Amazon Prime membership, *you automatically gain access to Prime Reading*.

3. Borrowing Limit:

With Kindle Unlimited, subscribers can borrow up to 10 titles simultaneously and retain them for as long as they wish, even if they decide to cancel their subscription. It’s important to note that this benefit applies specifically to books from their borrowed collection.

Is Kindle Unlimited worth it?

The answer depends on your reading habits! If you constantly crave new books or enjoy exploring different genres without breaking the bank, then Kindle Unlimited offers excellent value for money. Dive into bestsellers like never before while discovering hidden gems from emerging authors—all at your fingertips with just a few clicks.

The Verdict: Two Paths to Reading Paradise

In conclusion, Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading are distinct offerings from Amazon that cater to different reading preferences. If you’re a passionate book lover seeking unrestricted access to a wide range of titles in different categories, Kindle Unlimited could be your ideal option. On the other hand, if you’re already an Amazon Prime member seeking a curated selection of free e-books as part of your existing subscription package, then dive into the delightful world of Prime Reading.


Whether you find solace in Kindle Unlimited’s vast library or prefer the carefully curated collection offered by Prime Reading, both services hold their unique charm in satisfying your literary cravings. So choose your path wisely and immerse yourself in the joyous realms of digital reading—no matter which service you opt for, both prime reading and Kindle Unlimited one thing is certain: adventure awaits on every page!

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is prime reading free?

Ans. Amazon Prime Reading is not a standalone free service; it’s included as a part of an Amazon Prime membership. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you get access to Prime Reading at no additional cost. With Prime Reading, you can borrow books, magazines, and other reading materials from a limited but diverse selection that’s made available to Prime members.

2. Is Kindle Unlimited a good deal?

Ans. Based on the 5 pros-vast library, various genres, unlimited reading, convenience & audiobooks; and the 4 cons -limited top titles, subscription cost, overlaps with other services & no ownership, we can decide Kindle Unlimited is a good deal.

3. How do you get Kindle Unlimited for free?

Ans. Amazon occasionally offers free trials for Kindle Unlimited, usually lasting 30 days, although promotional periods can sometimes be longer. Here’s how you might get Kindle Unlimited for free for a limited time: Steps to Get a Free Trial:

  1. Amazon Account: You’ll need an Amazon account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one.
  2. Visit Kindle Unlimited Page: Go to the Kindle Unlimited sign-up page on Amazon’s website.
  3. Sign Up for Free Trial: Typically, there should be an option to start a free trial. Click on it and follow the instructions to sign up.
  4. Payment Information: Even though it’s a free trial, you’ll likely need to enter payment information. Make sure to cancel before the trial period ends if you decide you don’t want to continue, to avoid being charged.
  5. Start Reading: Once your free trial is active, you can start borrowing books immediately.

Additional Ways:

  1. Promotions: Occasionally, Amazon may run special promotions where you can get a longer trial period for Kindle Unlimited or get a discounted rate. Keep an eye out for such promotions.
  2. Gift or Coupon Codes: Sometimes, gift codes for Kindle Unlimited may be available through giveaways or special promotions.
  3. Family and Friends: If someone in your family has a Kindle Unlimited subscription, they might be able to share certain benefits with you, although the specifics can vary and might have limitations.
  4. Student Discounts: While not free, Amazon sometimes offers discounted Kindle Unlimited subscriptions for students, which might be worth considering if you’re eligible.


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