Kathrin Zenkina Net Worth: Story of a young successful millionaire of 26 years! (2024)

Hey, many of us like you are amazed at how a 26-year-old lady is a millionaire within just a short time. now we explore 31-year-old entrepreneur Kathrin Zenkina’s net worth, bio, wiki, age, personal life, and beyond her successful career. We bring all the authentic information from Wikipedia, IMD, YouTube & other educational resources. Kathrin Zenkina’s net worth is $6M.

“If you believe it, you can achieve it.”-Kathrin Zenkina

Kathrin Zenkina Net worth

According to the website manifestationbabe.com, Kathrin Zenkina elucidated her vision, mission, and success story. From those big sources, we know Karrin Zenkina’s net worth is $6 M. In an interview with Forbes, Kathrin confirmed that by 2017, her product suite earned $600,000k.

This worth comes from her mentorship of coaching packages, as a motivational speaker & millions of social media fans!

The Untold Story of Kathrin Zenkina

Zenkina grew up in poverty as a Russian immigrant. During her early years, she went through some tough times. She had to deal with bullying, struggled with her body weight and self-image, and saw her parents go through a tough time with money problems and an abusive relationship. These experiences initially made her feel like a victim of her circumstances.

A quick bio of Kathrin Zenkina

Full name Kathrin Zenkina
Date of born October,15,1992
Birthplace Ukraine
Residence Seattle, US
Net worth $6M

The turning point of Kathrin Zenkina’s life

Kathrin’s life took a turn in 2009 when she stumbled upon the amazing book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. This amazing book helped her discover the incredible power of manifestation, making her realize that she can shape her reality. She fully embraced the idea that she had the power to make positive changes in her life by focusing on her thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This allowed her to break free from her past and create a better future for herself.

Career shift & certain awakening of Kathrin Zenkina

When Zenkina was 22 years old and applying to medical school, she had a truly life-changing experience at a Tony Robbins Seminar. She had a realization that she had been prioritizing others’ needs over her dreams. This inspired her to change her career plans and explore a new path.

Manifestation Babe Challenge: Explanation

In her blog, Kathrin Zenkina explained in 23 PDF pages what the inspiration for creating Manifestation Babe-“a personal development brand with a mission of empowering women to connect themselves spiritually, break through their limitations, and manifest realities wilder than their dreams.”

Today Manifestation Babe Brand

Today, Manifestation Babe is a well-loved brand that has helped more than 200,000 women worldwide achieve their goals and succeed. Zenkina shares spiritual ideas through courses, masterclasses, and books, believing that people can transform their lives using manifestation principles.

Social Profile

Kathrin Zenkina can spread her business through social media & we also see her millions of fans on various profiles.

Facebook profile of Kathrin Zenkina: According to her FB profile, she has 16k followers.

Instagram profile of Kathrin Zenkina: Kathrin has 424k followers in instagram.She regularly posts her millennian mama idea!

In her Twitter profile, she mentioned herself as “Amazon’s #1 Best-Selling Author. Manifestation Expert. Mindset Coach. Podcaster. Speaker. WorldTraveller”

Ethnicity, Religion, Political Background & Early Life

Within a very short time after being born in Ukraine, Kathrin Zenkina had to leave her homeland with her family to Los Angeles, USA. When Katrhrin was just seven years old, her parents divorced, and she had to survive with her grandparents. In 2009, Kathrin Zenkina got an opportunity to do 9 to 5 jobs. She took a hard decision not to continue her medical studies & left for Seattle to start her own entrepreneurship business. And, then she created another success story to follow the world. And the rest is history!

Manifestation Babe Academy

Kathrin Zenkina is a manifestation coach, mother to a boy, and a calm soul who successfully transforms thousands of young entrepreneurs into successful men. Manifestation Babe Academy is a world-class life-changing platform by Kathrin Zenkina. There she shared strategy, every track, hack, universal law, and principle to create a complete mindset where “dreams do come true here!”

According to her Instagram profile, she quoted that her educational company has already generated $20 M+ & almost touched 8 Figures per year. The Manifestation Babe Podcast is also popular as it is already been downloaded 15 Million times!

“Unleash the power within”-the mystery of success”

This is a life-changing program by Tony Robbins, which knocked Kathrin Zenkina out of her comfort zone. According to her that crash course cranked up fire internally & raised a powerful question inside her “Who are you living for, Kathrin?!”-

Thought leaders such as Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Oprah Winfrey & Napoleon Hill’s tips  & tactics guided her to become a more creative coach for her millions of followers!

An exclusive Story of a Young millionaire-Kathrin Zenkina

As a No#1 Amazon best-selling author & most popular podcast owner of 100 from the category Health & self-help- a leader of the millennial online community of 200000 Kathrin Zenkina proved that mastery over the mindset & instant action  her quote “You must master your mindset”

Behind the story of  million dollar business

“Live as though your prayers have already been answered.”-Encouraged by such a great quote, Kathrin Zenkina started her wildest dream of the “Manifestation Babe”.Now it is the successful platform of the millennium women who empower themselves with the individual version of success!

The principles of success as of Kathrin Zenkina to follow!

Make it a priority to only consume positive & inspirational content

According to Kathrin -your morning should start with listening to positive, empowering & uplifting content instead of scrolling through news or social media checking.

“Speak to yourself like you are already successful

When you talk to yourself, you should use upbeat, sure words. You believe in yourself and your ability instead of doubting them. This kind of positive self-talk can help you feel better about yourself and give you more drive to reach your goals. To stay focused and sure of yourself on your way to success, it’s like giving yourself a pep talk.

c.Visualize your ideal business every day as if it were already yours

It feels like you already own and run that great business in your mind. This helps you stay motivated, make choices that are in line with your vision, and stay motivated. This makes it more likely that your dream business will come true.

Some interesting facts about Kathrin Zenkena

  • Kathrin is a Russian-Ukrainian
  • She grew up ballroom dancing competitively for 10 years
  • As a travel lover, Kathrin already visited over 31 countries and according to her “addicted to travel” doesn’t even begin to describe me!”
  • Her first job was at the movie theater.
  • Kathrin had the incredible fortune of crossing paths with her beloved husband on Tinder in just one week!
  • She believes that her ability to manifest her desires has played a significant role in her success in life and finance. Kathrinahe is passionate about empowering others to do the same.

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