Yessenia Garcia Mua Net Worth: Unique success journey of a YouTube Star!

Yessenia Garcia Mua’s net worth may range from $1M to $2M.Yessenia Garcia MUA is a famous person on YouTube who teaches people how to do makeup and gives them various advice on looking beautiful. Many people want to know how much money she has because she is famous and successful. We’ll explore here Yessenia Garcia Mua’s Net Worth, makeup tips & amazing popularity on social media and beyond.

Net worth is how much everything someone owns is worth, like money, property, and investments, after taking away any money they owe. Yessenia Garcia MUA makes money from her YouTube channel and other things she does.

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Yessenia Garcia Mua’s net worth

Miss Mua earned a decent amount of money from her monetized YouTube channel. Furthermore, she earned more from different sources, including selling makeup or things related to her brand. We’ll discuss this later. From different financial sources, we can estimate that Yessenia Garcia Mua’s net worth may range from $1M to $2M as of 2024.

We don’t know how much money Yessenia Garcia MUA has. Still, she probably has a lot because she’s popular on YouTube, and people like her makeup tips. But you have to remember how much money you have can go up and down because of how much you make and spend

Yessenia Garcia Mua biografia: A quick guide

Full nameYessenia Garcia MUA
Date of birthWe’ll update soon
Place of birth Arizona, United States
ResidencePhoenix, Arizona
ProfessionMake-up Artist
Net worth$1M to $2M

Personal Information

Nick NameYessenia
Zodiac signUnknown
First LanguageEnglish
Car collectionWe’ll update you soon
House detailsWe’ll update you soon

Yessenia Garcia Mua’s career

From childhood, Yessenia wanted to be a makeup artist because she loved art and being creative. She worked hard to get better at what she did. Because she loves to work hard and pays attention to beautifying others, she is a sought-after artist in the field. 

Yessenia can make her clients look and feel their best, whether going to a red-carpet event or just wanting to look their best every day. Thus, Yessenia is good at making people’s faces look perfect with makeup.

She can do makeup for weddings, magazines, or any special event. Yessenia is gaining popularity on social media by teaching beauty lessons and recommending products. She inspires her followers through her engaging content regularly.

Yessenia Garcia, MUA, began her YouTube channel to share her love for makeup. She makes videos that teach people how to apply makeup in different ways, such as looking natural or fancy. People like watching her videos because they’re easy to understand and teach new makeup tricks.

YouTube & different money machine ideas from Garcia Mua!

Yessenia made money from her YouTube channel because many people liked it. She gets money from YouTube by showing ads before or during her videos. If many people watch and interact with a video, the person who made it can make more money. Yessenia makes videos many people watch, so she earns a lot of money from her channel.

Yessenia Garcia MUA may earn money in ways other than ads on her YouTube channel. For instance, she might work with beauty brands to promote their products in her videos. Working with other companies can earn you a lot of money, and you can also get free stuff!

Also, Yessenia can earn money by sharing sponsored stuff. Companies give her money to show their stuff in her videos or social media. Yessenia has a lot of people who like her, so brands want to work with her to reach many people who like beauty and makeup.

In addition, Yessenia Garcia MUA might earn money from other sources besides her YouTube channel. She might sell makeup or products related to her brand. These extra ways of earning money help increase her worth.

How much does Yessenia Garcia MUA make from YouTube?

Below is an estimated average earnings from advertising on the channel, depending on language, price, and current audience.

Daily: $20

Weekly: $137

Monthly: $595

Yearly: $7,141

This income is applicable for channel visits until April 24 and should be revised based on any changes in channel data.

Yessenia Garcia Mua’s Social profile

Miss Mua has a huge followers on different social media. 

Facebook has 837k followers 

Instagram has 114k followers

Youtube has 108k subscribers


Yessenia Garcia MUA is a popular YouTuber who does makeup and has a great job in the beauty world. Her net worth shows how much money she has from different sources, like her YouTube channel, working with brands, and other things she does. Yessenia loves makeup and wants to inspire others to be creative.

Final talks

Yessenia Garcia MUA is a famous YouTuber who is good at doing makeup. She has a fantastic job in the beauty industry. She makes money from many different places, like her YouTube channel and working with various brands.

In a word, She creates videos about makeup because she enjoys it and wants to help others be creative. Yessenia wants to show that doing what you love can also be your job. She hopes to inspire others to be innovative and follow their dreams, just like she did.


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